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Wedding Day Styling and Venue Set Up/ Set Down Support

If you need help styling your venue or setting up your decorations on the day of your wedding, but can't find anyone available to do it- I am on hand to save the day!

I have experience of setting up wedding venues on behalf of  Brides and Grooms around Hertfordshire, and this is for the pure reason that they should (quite rightly) be enjoying their special day with their favourite people, stress free- AND SO SHOULD YOU!

Take the stress away from the day of your wedding, and leave it with me.

My fees are £30 per hour to set up, typically from experience                                                                                    I will probably need 1-3 hours to set up, but this is dependent on what 

items you need setting up.

What this typically covers, based on past experience:

  • Setting out centre pieces, wedding favours, seating plans

  • Set Up of cake tables

  • Set Up of Card Tables/ guest books

  • Set Up of indoor and outdoor decorative items

I have also been known to blow up inflatables, hoover red carpets, build doughnut towers and create signposts to venues in the rain! 

Side Note: Have a look at my party hire items for me to also set up for you on the day!

I'm happy to follow strict guidelines of what you require, but I am also highly capable of putting things out with no direction given my experience and creative flair- whatever suits you.

Alternatively, if you need someone to come take down your wedding on the evening/ early hours due to strict venue hire times, my rate is £50 per hour.

wedding planning.PNG

What I require from you:

  • Confirmation of your venue and date

  • A debrief from you of what needs setting up, ideally meeting at the venue beforehand after booking to discuss location of items and requirements for set up, along with handover of items.

  • That you have sourced your decorative items, along with items needed for them- batteries, blue tac, etc... don't forget these! (I usually have enough in my emergency tool kit but just in case!)

  • That you have double checked with the venue over any decoration restrictions (such as nothing stuck on walls etc)

From our initial chat I can confirm a price based on how much work I believe is involved. If you are happy,  I will then co-ordinate with the venue in advance, arrive early and set up with passion on your behalf whilst you are excitedly getting ready for your big day. If you need set down also, I will arrive before your final song and will discreetly pack away when the party is over.

Easy peasy :) Please do get in touch!

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