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Dreamy Folk Songs you HAVE to Have At Your Wedding- Part 1

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Music is such a powerful thing, it can lift you up, make you cry, instantly take you back in time and bring back feelings you thought were long gone. On your wedding day, the music that you pick will absolutely illustrate your love, be an honest representation of your relationship and your personalities and will for sure set your vibe for the day. Ultimately, you will want to pick songs where your guests will say “Shitttt this is a great song” or “Ahhh look at them they are so cute together” whilst you are dancing to that perfect song or for them to think “Damn it why didn’t I think of this song for my wedding?!”

For sure, every couple will at some point say, “Ah this is our song!” and it will remind them of special moments in their history together, but sometimes those song may not be all that appropriate for walking down the aisle or signing the registrar. Some of mine and my fiance’s ‘songs’ for example include a song about a love of fried chicken and Georgia by Michael Buble- the latter is a beautiful song, but I don’t want another woman’s name get called out on repeat on the day that’s about me… #sorrynotsorry..

For those couples who are struggling to find a song, or songs, which will fit in well with their bohemian, relaxed or rustic wedding, or for couples who are looking for something a bit different from everybody else, check out my list below of some of my favourite folksy wedding songs- in no particular order, along with some of the lyrics in that song that I am particularly drawn too. I hope one of them really resonates! Enjoy and happy listening!

Flowers in Your Hair- The Lumineers

This up-beat folk song is about the fun, trials and tribulations the narrator had growing up and falling in love with his girl who once wore flowers in her hair. The song is only 1 minute, 50 seconds long- ideal for a song to walk up the aisle, which means no awkward music cutting when you reach the top of the aisle. Every time I listen to it, I can’t stop singing along or tapping my feet! The chorus is also very catchy, and your guests will be searching the song when they get home.

“So now I think that I could love you back And I hope it’s not too late 'Cause you're so attractive And the way you move I won't close my eyes

'Cause it takes a man to live It takes a woman to make him compromise

So be in my eyes Be in my heart Be in my eyes, eyeyeye Be in my heart”

Only Love- Ben Howard

Fresh and Chilled, Ben Howard makes me want to get in my car and head to Cornwall and enjoy the rolling waves and the cool breeze on the beach. Only Love, his debut single, describes surrendering to love, coming undone to it. It’s very romantic and calming and would be good at settling those nerves!

“Darling you're with me, always around me Only love, only love Darling I feel you, under my body Only love, only love Give me shelter, or show me heart Come on love, come on love Watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart”

Love You ‘Till the End- The Pogues

Now this song is a totally underrated love song of the 90s. If you recognise this song but can’t quite put your finger on it, you may remember it in the closing credits of the 2007 film P.S I love you. It is truly beautiful, simple and self-explanatory. It’s emotional, raw and you believe every word of it. I love, love, love it!

“I just want to see you When you're all alone I just want to catch you if I can I just want to be there When the morning light explodes On your face it radiates I can't escape I love you 'till the end”

Sigh No More- Mumford and Sons

A slow start sure, but trust me, it’s a builder. For those couples who have had their rocky patches, the song portrays the narrator as taking love for granted and maturing into a new man who understands the magnitude of what love can bring. It basically epitomises love in its truest form, in that love will set you free, and will allow you to live a life that is meant to be.

“Sigh no more, no more One foot in sea one on shore My heart was never pure

“Love that will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, It will set you free Be more like the man you were made to be”

Wildfire- John Mayer

Instead of the expected ‘Who You Love’ By John Mayer ft Katy Perry (which is another strong contender for a decent folksy wedding song) I would recommend the song Wildfire from John Mayer’s Paradise Album. Wildfire is more upbeat than a lot of his other songs, painting a picture of country summer nights, sparks flying and the start of something beautiful. It’s a great song if you don’t fancy an awkward slow dance at your reception and want some American country vibes.

“You look fine, fine, fine Put your feet up next to mine We can watch that water line get higher and higher Say, say, say Ain't it been some kind of day You and me been catching on like a wildfire”

Ho, Hey- Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella

An acoustic version with minimal production, these sisters do a beautiful version of a very popular wedding song by the Lumineers as portrayed by the Conrad sisters in hit TV series Nashville. Trust me- they do it justice. Personally, I like this version for a ceremony, with the original working better for a first dance and getting people moving.

“I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweet' (ho)”

Tennessee Whisky- Chris Stapleton

For those country folk, Tennessee Whisky is the song of the moment and ultimately a no brainer for a wedding. On a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee- honestly this was the most requested song by all the live musicians on lower Broadway. The song talks about love through the narrators love of whiskey but trust, it will leave you all warm and fuzzy inside. Chris Stapletons voice is raw, powerful yet smooth and will absolutely hit you in the feels.

“I've looked for love in all the same old places Found the bottom of a bottle always dry But when you poured out your heart I didn't waste it 'Cause there's nothing like your love to get me high

You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey You're as sweet as strawberry wine You're as warm as a glass of brandy And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time”

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You- Haley Reinhart

OK, I feel like a bit of a traitor suggesting an alternative version to an Elvis classic (Elvis is a hero of mine) however I am swayed by this Haley Reinhart rendition. It’s stripped back and you will hear her voice and the piano melting together. She takes her sweet time, doing her own thing but not pulling too far from the original. If you are after a twist on a classic with a beautiful, easy voice, look no further.

“Like a river flows surely to the sea Darling so it goes Some things are meant to be Take my hand, take my whole life too For I can't help falling in love with you”

Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I’m somewhat of a late-comer with this song really, released in 2009, it probably wasn’t until 2014 when it hit me how much I love this song and how I try my best to match the southern American accent every time it’s on (lol). The chorus ‘home is wherever I’m with you’ will ring true to a lot of folk, especially those who tend to travel- together or apart. It’s catchy, joyful and will bring even more happiness to your already amazing day!

“Holy moley, me oh my You're the apple of my eye Girl, I've never loved one like you

Man, oh man, you're my best friend I scream it to the nothingness There ain't nothing that I need

Well, hot and heavy, pumpkin pie Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ Ain't nothing please me more than you

Ah, home, let me go home Home is wherever I'm with you”

The Girl- City and Colour

My cousin and her husband chose this song as their first dance.. it was the first, (and still the last) time I have heard it used at a wedding so safe to say it’s pretty unique. It has beautiful lyrics about love, sacrifice and dedication to a relationship, which will resonate well with couples working on a long distant relationship. What I love most about this song though, is after a few mellow verses the beat really kicks in with a jubilant 1,2-1,2,3,4-, and any guest would struggle to resist joining them shimmying and toe tapping away. Give it a listen.

“I wish I could do better by you 'Cause that's what you deserve You sacrifice so much of your life In order for this to work

While I'm off chasing my own dreams Sailing around the world Please, know that I'm yours to keep My beautiful girl”

More of You- Chris Stapleton

Last but not least…From his debut album Traveller in which also features the mentioned Tennessee Whisky, More of You is a pitch perfect and sweet duet between CS and his wife Morgane Stapleton exploring their love over the years and how it has grown stronger, and that with time they get more drawn together. I think this is a great wedding song choice, as ultimately the love in which they sing is basically #marriagegoals. Definately one to walk up the aisle too.

“It makes me want more of you Again and again I fall more in love with you Than I've ever been From the moment you wake me up Till you kiss me goodnight Everything that you do It makes me want more of you”

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