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Early Planning

Planning a wedding can seem daunting at first, but taking it one step at a time is the best approach.

If you are unfamiliar to wedding planning, need some extra guidance or a helping hand to get started- check out the below for some early planning services.


I need some inspiration please!

Need a little inspo to get you going?

  • Bespoke Ideas for your theme

  • Get clarity on what you need vs want you want

  • Hand picked suppliers shared post meeting

£30 per hour

Waiter with Champagne Flutes

How much should I expect for the wedding I want?

  • Pricing up a recommended budget based on the scale of your wedding

  • Or advice on what you can achieve with your budget, with some indicative pricing.

  • Face to face or over phone/skype

  • Budget shared post session

£30 per hour

Tropical Wedding

When do I need to book my suppliers?

Let me share with you my bespoke timeline to planning your big day- never miss a deadline!

Tell me your wedding date and I will guide on on your key milestones to getting you wedding ready!

Easy to read and follow timeline.

£30 for timeline generation

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