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Balloon Styling

Balloon Installations are the party trend of the 2020s, and are here to stay!

I can create air filled balloon installations for your event, whether at your home or at a venue.

If you have seen something you like, feel free to send me photos and I can get to work to create something similar. Otherwise, let me know your colour scheme and i'll create something magical for you!

Balloon installations start from £60 for simple garlands or for decorating around numbers, but then the price could go in excess of £150 for a large intricate or themed display.

Why so much?

Balloon installations require a large number of balloons to build (usually 100-200 dependent on the size of installation), which takes a lot of time, (puff!) and cost to build. Added complexities such as area of the build or specific colours or themed balloons can result in a little more time and cost required. Installations may take hours to create however air filled balloon installations indoors can last weeks- so you can continue the party and it's always worth it! Some garlands require equipment to help them stand so please note this equipment will need collecting after your event.

I'd love to hear your balloon styling needs and how I can add something very special to your party, so get in touch!

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